Terms of Use

Welcome to Hashtag Space!

Hashtag Space sells hashtag domain names.  With Hashtag Space, you can register and own your unique social media hashtag.  Our terms of service agreement is designed to govern your use of Hashtag Space's apps, technologies, services, features, and software.  Terms of service do not apply where we expressly state alternate terms.

Hashtag.space is a one-of-a-kind of social media platform, and there is no other service like it at the moment.  In addition to registered social media hashtag domain names that can be purchased at minimal prices, hashtag.space also provides decentralized hosting, and pay-for-placement advertising, in addition to other related services.  By using our products/services, you agree that Hashtag Space can display ads to you that we believe you will find relevant based on your search history.  We will use your personal data to make decisions regarding which ads you will be shown.

Concerning your personal data, hashtag.space NEVER sells your personal data to advertisers.  Your personal information is NEVER shared.  Personal information includes your name, your email address, contact information, purchase history, etc.  Ads are displayed based on the kind of audience that our advertisers tell us that they want to see their ads.  If we think that you might be interested, we will show you the ad.

Pay-for-placement advertisers are given reports that show detailed performance metrics of their ads to help them gain insights in how people on the platform are interacting with their ad content.

Section 1: Our Services

Our services are designed to add unrivaled value and to provide a platform that is free from Big Tech censorship.  To achieve this mission, Hashtag Space provides the following services:

Purchase hashtag domain names

For just $24.95, you can purchase and own your unique social media hashtag domain name for one year.  Each hashtag domain name must be a minimum of 3 characters long (i.e. #abc, #123).  Letters, numbers, and symbols are allowed for use in hashtag domain registration.  

Decentralized Hosting

Traditional web hosting is no longer viable for web domain owners who expect privacy, free speech, unimpeded/uncensored internet searches, and content that is always available.  Hashtag Space/MetaGate decentralized hosting service allows users to host their files on peer nodes.  Unlike traditional web hosting, that pulls content from a centralized location, peer-to-peer networks store files on peer nodes, so there is no threat of losing your content if you are censored or if a location goes offline.

Put simply, decentralized hosting means that your content/website cannot be taken down easily.

Pay-for-Placement Advertising

Hashtag Space allows users to pay for ad placement by bidding on search terms, whereby users gain top positioning for those search terms for one week at a time.  All you have to do is register your keywords, and #domain buyers get 5 keywords free!  Additional keywords can be purchased just one dollar for one year registration!

Resell Hashtag Domains

Once you have purchased your hashtag domain, you can resell it at whatever price you choose.  Hashtag Space charges a transaction fee of 10% on all domain ownership transfers.


Hasthag Space is affiliated with blackwood.productions, a world-leading SEO platform, established in 2004.  All domain purchasers automatically receive 5 free keywords for optimization in the search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo), and users may purchase as many as 50 keywords!

Section 2. How Our Services are Funded

Hashtag Space is funded by investors, pay-for-placement ads, and domain name/keyword purchases.  All of the money that we acquire from our investors, advertisers, and domain/keyword purchasers is poured back into the development of Hashtag Space to make it better and better.

Section 3: User Commitments to the Hashtag Space Platform and Community

Anyone may use Hashtag Space, our apps, products, and services.  We trust you to take your own 'safety' into your own hands.  For this reason, we do not govern or censor anyone’s speech and/or searches.  There are no safe zones on Hashtag Space.  Explore at your own risk!

One account per user.

Never share your password with anyone.  

Users should be 18-years-old+ (sex offenders, criminals, and others are allowed to use our platform, as Hashtag Space is open to all)

You must never upload viruses or malicious code or otherwise impair the normal working and appearance of our products.

You agree that we can show you ads based on your search history

You must not infringe upon our (or anyone's) intellectual property.  This includes images, designs, videos, and sounds that we provide.

Section 4: Other Provisions

Hashtag Space may update or change its terms of conditions without notice.  By using our products/services, you agree that you will take responsibility for abiding by the current terms of service at all times.  This means that you should routinely check our terms of service for updates.

Liability issues can arrive from time-to-time when using products/services similar to ours.  Hashtag Space is a relatively new platform, but we work endlessly to provide our users with top-of-the-line products.  However, users should be advised that all of our products are "as is," which means that Hashtag Space makes no promises that our products will always be safe, error-free, or that they will function without disruptions.  Hence, we accept ZERO LIABILITY for such disruptions, delays, or imperfections.  

To the extent permitted by law, we also DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. We do not control or direct what people and others do or say, and we are not responsible for their actions or conduct, and we are not responsible for mistakes/bad decisions made by users that results in losses or unwanted consequences for our users.


The terms defined within these terms of service agreement supersede any other agreements.  If you use products/services that are governed by supplemental terms, those terms will become part of your agreement with us.